Travel insurance vs medical insurance

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March 19, 2018
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Travel insurance vs medical insurance

written by: Ashish Pandey

Travel insurance has some benefits that are similar to health insurance, but it is not the same. It can say, travel and medical insurance twin son of same mother, look similar sound similar but still different faces. Smells bit confusing? comparison will make sense. But before we start comparing travel insurance with medical insurance. Let briefly discuss about travel insurance and medical insurance

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Travel insurance or visitor’s insurance provides better safety related to your medical and non-medical happenings, you can avail several advantages for yourself and for your loved ones even in host country.

Even senior citizen can also take this benefit, age limitations doesn’t matter at all. On the other side, medical insurance can make you benefit only health related complications and there is age factor also that some companies provide you medical insurance at certain age limit.

Travel insurance covers you for various unforeseen and undesirable situations:

While travelling abroad unexpected mis happening can be seen and travel insurance makes you avail better protection under various mode like: Personal accident, Medical expenses, loss of wallet, loss of passport and trip cancellation etc.

Travel insurance is the pillar of any travel proposal to abroad

it would not be wrong to say that visitors’ insurance is the backbone for any travel plan you are making, opting a travel insurance makes you ensure full protection and compensation through trip even my perception says your vacation package is just incomplete without travel insurance.

To make you understand better, and to vanish remaining questions /doubt between medical and travel insurance lets have a look on both travel insurance as well as medical insurance

  1. travel insurance protects you while travelling abroad but in case of medical insurance, it provides you benefit in your country and too in case of only health complications.
  2. In medical insurance we have age limit for opting insurance it can be vary company to company apart from this we can take advantage travel insurance at any age.
  3. Travel insurance does not ask for any medical fitness certification, although any illness throw you out to adopt medical insurance benefits
  4. It is easy and very smooth to claim travel insurance as comparison to medical insurance.
  5. Travel Insurance Cover Lost Luggage and other belonging

Arriving at your destination and discovering that you’ve lost your luggage along the way is no fun – even for the most experienced traveler.

Travel insurance give coverage for lost luggage, benefits may be depending on whether your bags are permanently lost or temporarily lost. For permanent or temporary lost benefits, please confirm your Insurance Agent Perth if you are in Perth.

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