1Which travel insurance company do you suggest?
We do not recommend any particular travel insurer on our website. We bring all the information to you so that you can make your own travel insurance comparison. If you need more information about the specific product then you should contact travel insurance company directly.
2When do I receive my policy documents?
When you purchase your policy, travel insurance company will either post or email your policy documents to you. Your documents include your Certificate of Insurance and your Product Disclosure Statement. It’s a good idea to carry a copy of your policy documents with you when you travel. It is also a good idea to keep them in your email inbox so you can access them if you need to.
3I made a mistake when purchasing my policy, how do I fix it?
Please contact travel insurance provider as soon as you realize the error so that they can review and amend where possible.
4If I am overseas and need medical assistance, who do I call?
If you have an emergency while you are traveling, contact your travel insurance provider.This service should be available 24 hours a day. The insurer will work with local medical providers and services to ensure you receive the attention required.
5Can I extend my Policy when I am already overseas?
Yes, you can request to extend your policy generally a week before your cover ends while you are overseas but it depends on company to company.
6When must I lodge my claim?
Generally, you should make a claim within 30 days of returning home. It may vary according company to company.
7How do I make a claim under my travel insurance policy?
To make a claim, simply contact travel insurance provider.
8Does an excess apply to each claim?
Yes .when You purchase, you will be able to select the excess amount (for example $0, $100 or $250). The amount You selected will be shown on Your Certificate of Insurance. The excess applicable to claims.
9How do I find out about Government warnings on travel destinations?
Visit www.smartraveller.gov.au for the latest travel advice and warnings from the Australian Government. You can even register to receive updates on your chosen destinations.